Ever wondered what the difference is between a moth and a butterfly? Well you're not alone. This is the first question most people ask us, so we've had a go at giving a simple answer to what is a surprisingly complex question!

Our second most asked question right now! Due to popular demand we have prepared a guide to the different functions available in the app. This tells you what each button and widget does, but doesn't go through the exact workflow in completing tasks (for that please refer to the video guides on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ausbutterflies/).

A review paper about the Butterflies Australia database was recently published in Austral Entomology, an international peer-reviewed scientific journal of entomology for the Southern Hemisphere managed by the Australian Entomological Society. The paper describes the scientific need for the project, the design of the database, and how the data collected will benefit butterfly conservation in Australia.